Fast Elvis Conoco was born in West Texas in 1853 during the worst snow storm and the largest Comanche war party raid that west Texas has ever seen, to his humble parents, Nasty Bill Conoco and Spittin' Sue Conoco. His life took a dramatic turn at that moment when he found out that his parents feared HIM more that being frozen to death or tortured by the Comanche.

In 1863 the Conoco family moved to Arizona City. Arizona Territory, after Nasty Bill shot and killed a blind, deaf, one legged, asthmatic circuit preacher.

In 1868 Elvis left home and became a cow puncher, though he was quickly fired from several jobs around the territory being accused of punching the cows not herding them. When asked why, he stated that " That's what you hired me for to punch cows" After several years of being chronically unemployed and bitterly under worked, he finally realized his real calling when he bumped into Deadwood Slim, the gunfighter. Slim challenged Elvis to a gunfight, " You can either slap leather or back down!" And that is how they found Slim, with his back down on the dirt, as Elvis had shot Deadwood Slim in the back. Elvis Conoco quickly left town. So fast that no one could identify who shot Deadwood Slim. Hence the name Fast Elvis. Elvis had become a gunslinger.

Roland Hills was born near Fort Cottonwood in the Nebraska territory to his parents Kara and Bull Hills, in 1862.

At the young age of 10 Roland witnessed a Sioux war party attack and burn his family’s modest home. Roland decided at that time, that he would become one of the greatest Indian fighters that ever lived.

In 1878 Roland volunteered with General Phil Sheridan to ride against the Indians in the Kansas Territory. While heading due South Roland became separated from his patrol then to make matters worse his horse was startled by a rabbit and bucked, knocking Roland to the ground. Roland had the surprise of his life when he fell on a bush in which Lil’ Buck Hair, one of the most feared renegades of the times was hiding, waiting to ambush the patrol.

Knocking the wind out of Lil’ Buck Hair and thusly capturing a notorious renegade, Roland gained the title of Fearless Roland Hills Indian Fighter along with a $100 reward from the capture of Lil Buck Hair. Roland promptly took his reward and headed due west to make his fortune in the gold mines of California.

As fate would have it Roland made it to the Arizona Territory Six Shot Flats and had no money left to pay the ferry to cross the river.

He became employed as a stagecoach guard (actually he unloads the bags and cleans the coaches) for the Butter Field Stage Co.

Born in 1850 Rose Platte seemed to have an uncanny ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In 1865 Rose traveled west with her parents following the wagon train to California. It’s said that she wondered away from the wagon and was left behind. Some say her Pa did it on purpose because from a young age Rose could go from a gentle darling little girl to just plain mean for no reason at all earning her the nickname of Rattlesnake Rose “sweet as a rose mean as a rattlesnake”

Rose made it to Puget Sound in the North West Territory where she met up with Captain Horatio Bleat. Captain Bleat, who had a rivalry with John Wesley Powell, decided he would surpass Powell’s trip thru the Grand Canyon. He would travel all the way to the Gulf of California! He gathered ten men, 18 passengers eight boats and food for ten months and set out from Green River, Wyoming.

Rose saw her chance and sweet-talked the captain into letting her travel with him to Mexico down the great Colorado River. Rose knew in her heart that if she could get to La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, she could locate the lost gold of William Walker. She then intended to travel to London, Paris and points in between.

As the boats arrived at Six Shot Flats in the Arizona Territory, Captain Bleat cast Rattlesnake Rose off his ship. It seems that 15 passengers had fallen overboard and Rose seemed to be around as each one fell. Also, their personal items were missing.

Born John Sebastian Yale, known as California John, John had a hard life in the California territory, never finding work and when he did find work his employers always seemed to meet their fate rather quickly. It seems that John didn’t much care for people telling him what to do or people speaking his full name.

After a slight problem in the California territory that left 6 people dead from mysterious circumstances California John found himself on the other side of the great Colorado River in the Arizona Territory at Six Shot Flats

California John quickly realized that with all the riff raff that this town had, it was lacking the services of an undertaker and mortician. California John set up shop and as the new Undertaker his first job was to put to rest the name John Sebastian Yale. Now known as The Undertaker or “Taker” to his few living acquaintances. It was said that when business was slow the Undertaker would make good use of his .45 colt to drum up more.



Fanny Ferguson from a young age became a quick draw artist. Oh not with a gun but with a charcoal and paper. Fanny could look at someone or something and draw its likeness on paper faster than anyone person alive.

In the California Territory Fanny went into business with Enis Blessing the world famous photographer. Working with Enis, Fanny learned the fine art of taking tin plates and photo’s she quickly became an expert.

One day while taking photo’s Fanny’s flash pan on the camera spooked some horses and they ran down Mr. Blessing killing him. There were those who said it was no accident because Fanny had said on several occasions that Ennis just got in the way when she was trying to work.

To escape prosecution, Fanny fled to the Arizona Territory and found herself at Six Shot Flats. Fanny looked around and decided that this was as good a place as any to set stakes.




In 1865 at the tender age of 2 , after being Lost in a blizzard and loosing sight of her parents, Prairie Queen Careless Karin and Prairie King No Count Norbert, Kate crawled into a cave to escape the freezing cold. She was claimed by a Cow Buffalo who had lost her calf and sought shelter in the same cave. Kate spent many years roaming the great prairie with her adoptive mother and Buffalo friends. Until one fateful day an Indian Hunting party set the he herd to stampede. Not having four legs and unable to keep up with the herd she was soon overtaken and captured by the Indians who thought she was a godly spirit being a white Buffalo and took er to live with them. Soon they realized that Kate was so wild and mean that spirit or no spirit she had to go and Kate was soon traded for a pair of left footed moccasins to a sly old outcast Cherokee woman. The woman had a deep seated hatred for the white man and his ways, she decided to even the score with them the best way she knew how by leaving the devil child at the gates of the nearest fort.

Kate was promptly taken in by the madam who ran a house of ill repute, The madam decided it would be her mission in life to beat some manners into the unruly child and teach her the tricks of the trade , well when she found out that Kate was not only wild and mean but stubborn as a mule ,, she sold her to a solder who Kate wanted nothing to do with and quickly stabbed him with a tooth pick in the eardrum while he was trying to steal a kiss which at 15 years of age started Kates run from the law. Then in 1887 after years of robbing stage coaches and trains , Kate took her grubstake and opened her Saloon in Six Shot Flats Arizona Territory,
You will find her pouring whisky for you gents but just member to mind yer manners in her saloon because she didn't make her living this far by being nice.



Ethan Colby rode into Six Shot Flats hailing from the great state of Texas as a US Deputy Marshall. However, Ethan’s a man not afraid to ride both sides of the fence, sometimes working as T.P. Coble with the Pinkerton Detective Agency. He is a well known con man and gambler, and it is rumored that he is also Dr. Joshua T. Robbins from back East, a notorious snake oil salesman peddling Dr. Robbins Magical Medicines for Mysterious Maladies. He seems to be pretty friendly with a certain Librarian from back East that showed up in town around the same time as Ethan.
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